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Do you know how we got our name?

Posted on January 02 2018

Some of you may be new to our newsletter & blog, if so, WELCOME! Have any of you been wondering how we got the name “Shady Oaks Farm”? Well, for those of you who didn’t know we are truly a working farm!
Not the kind that has a ton of goats and cows but a farm that grows all kinds of fruits & veggies! Back a few years ago we started with a few rows of muscadine vines. Then we added an orchard filled with peaches, plums, pears, pomegranate, cherries, & some Indian Blood Peaches. We also added some other vines including blackberries and elderberry along with some red currants and goji berries.
We’ve also added some beehives. We collect honey twice a year and we’ve had so many new hives each year we’ve started to sell a few of the extra hives to people who are looking into beekeeping. The bees love all the flowers that are blooming, including all the blackberry vines & the clover we’ve planted.
Two years ago we added a large vegetable garden. Last year it was back but even bigger! We can, pickle and preserve so much of our fruit & produce so we can taste summer all year long!
Besides maintaining all the bees, the orchard, vineyard and the garden we also manage the shop so we’re busy as the bees!



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