Hanging Note Roll

$ 32.00

How adorable are these hanging note rolls?!? This also includes 4 antique brass clips to weigh down the end of the paper. 

Three sizes available: 

small: Wall mounting is approximately 11" in length. Paper is approximately 8" in length with the holder for the paper roll itself approximately 11.5".

medium: Wall mounting is approximately 21 1/4" in length. Paper measures approximately 16" in length with the paper holder itself measuring approximately 20 1/2" in length.

large: Wall mounting is approximately 35” in length.  Paper is approximately 30" in length with the paper holder itself measures approximately 35" in length

Replacement rolls are available. Each roll contains 50' of paper. Please note that replacement rolls of paper do not include wall mounting or the clips. Paper rolls purchased with the mounting does not include the screws needed to mount the roll to the wall. 

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